Noey F. Vineyard, Jr.

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Conflict: Grenada (1983)

Years of Service: 20 years

Noey F. Vineyard, Jr. USMC.JPG (15 KB)

Noey F. Vineyard Jr. served our country in the U.S. Marine Corps for nearly two decades. And despite a laundry list full of medals and commendations he still won’t acknowledge that he is a hero despite action in Grenada, Sierra Leone and the Middle East. This quiet, gentle and unassuming man is the epitome of the great American Hero.

Thank you Noey, for all that you have done for our great country. Without your courage and your many sacrifices it might not have been possible for us to enjoy the joys of everyday life as a free and independent American Citizen as we do now.

Laurie A. Cotter

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5 Responses to “Noey F. Vineyard, Jr.”

  • helen willis Says:

    I thank him for his brave service, but wish he would honor the USMC values in his ciivlian life. Remember to work for a living and be true to your word.

  • Lisa lambert Says:

    You are an amazing man. God bless

  • Jeanne and Don Burell Says:

    Noey, How are you????

  • SSgt G Wingate Says:

    Noey brother thanks for your service…to everyone else we all fight our demons…pray for him as you pray for yourself. Semper Fi Marine

  • Sandra Browne Says:

    Noey: A very long time has passed since I had seen you last and I want you to know you are still the same person I remember. We had lots of fun…hope wasn’t too hard on you back in the day. You are an amazing person and even though I didn’t show it much or how a true friend should….I was and am now always proud to say you are my friend!! Thank you and Jeff for keeping our great country safe.
    If I can do anything for you let me know.

    Love Ms. “Saundra” Sandy

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