May 26 2011

Sgt. Blair R Bell,Jr.

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

My dad served in the Army since he was 18.He always talked about his experience.He passed away four years ago and is greatly missed.

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May 25 2011

SPC6 Jordyn Crawford

Branch of Service: Air Force

Conflict: Gulf War (1991)

Years of Service: 1982-1996

My brother Rick was in the Air Force and he is 1 of my heros. I followed his foot steps and joined the Air Force. I love my brother so much and I am proud of him for his duty to his country.

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May 3 2011

Andrew Drapkin

Branch of Service: Navy

Conflict: Other

Years of Service: 4

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My precious son, you were a child when you were whisked off to boot camp, but now you have become such a fine young man! Your service in the Libyan conflict brings me honor and pride, and I thank you for all you do to protect your fellow citizens at home. You have earned a mother’s respect. God bless you.

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May 3 2011

SPC5 Robert E Hobbs

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

Years of Service: 1966-1969

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I’m always amazed about the human rise above adversity and move forward. To me there are no disabled veterans, only those who are “able” to accept the situation and move on with determination.
I survived the Vietnam conflict, with only a knee injury, which pales in comparison to you and other injured vets.
God Bless you, and thank you for your service to this great nation of ours!

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