Jul 15 2011

Sgt. Victor Figueroa Jr.

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Iraq War (2003-)

Years of Service: 1995-

My husband Victor, he lived and love to serve his country and were naturally from P.R, he”s been in THE GULF WAR, Afganistan and the lastest Iraq. He loves his family, leave wife and kids and almost loose his family, Iraq was the worst, dead was too closed of friends, partners and cooworkers, he was up front, all the time, sufers to see pain, injustice, dead of love ones and he’s alive..maybe he thing why not me,only God knows. Life continues for those thats stays alive, but what kind of live. Different perspective of life, dead, pain, dreams. I love and honors with pride all the brave soldiers that serve and my personal and kids hero Victor.

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Jul 6 2011

Joseph Cortese

In memory of Joseph Cortese from Cornerstone Baptist Church, Geneseo, NY

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