Mar 25 2012

Capt. Donald Samuel Caccamise

Branch of Service: Air Force

Conflict: Gulf War (1991)

Years of Service: 1968-1991

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Though Don has passed recently, his spirit is strong and still with us. He wished to honor other paralyzed veterans with donations from friends and family upon his passing. We thank each and every person who has donated in his name. Don was a brave veteran, who fought not only in two wars, Vietnam and the Gulf War, but also fought bravely every day of his life that he spent in his wheelchair. We hope to carry his courage into our own lives and into the lives of others like him. And we hope to make him as proud of us as we are of him.

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Mar 10 2012

Pfc. Crawford Taylor

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

Years of Service: 1965 – 1969

Crawford Taylor my Uncle serviced his country in the Vietnam War. He was a paratrooper who loved life and made life better for those around him. I am creating a tribute to Crawford Taylor and calling out for prayers. Crawford has suffered several strokes is now paralyzed, has a trach, can not speak but like a real soldier; he said “Help Me”. I have made attempts to contact President Obama, not to mention Nancy Grace and Inside Edition. His story needs to be told..before it is too late. He is being moved from VA hospital to nursing home and back….several times. He needs medical attention from a doctor outside the VA Hospital, he needs his power of attorney revoked and put under the right chain of command his eldest child, he needs to be released from the nursing home and he needs physical therapy plus the Neuromove 900 which he has been denied in the past due to a controlling sister. Crawford’s situation is at a do or die time. Pray for his complete recovery, a voice to speak and the legal help that will make all things wrong right.

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Mar 8 2012

Corp. Jeff Kulp

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Conflict: Lebanon (1982-1984)

Years of Service: 1982-1986

The contributions to America made by Jeff Kulp as a U.S. Marine are surpassed only by those made by him in the years after he got out. Like most who have served in combat he carries scars but has not let that stop him from becoming a successful businessman and a tremendous champion of disabled and disadvantaged veterans. His contributions and efforts have benefited many over the years and continue today. His integrity, courage, generosity, and work ethic have no equal and he is the epitome of a responsible American citizen. His service in uniform and his accomplishments afterward have without a doubt made this country a better place. I am proud and honored to call him friend.

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