Corp. Jeff Kulp

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Conflict: Lebanon (1982-1984)

Years of Service: 1982-1986

The contributions to America made by Jeff Kulp as a U.S. Marine are surpassed only by those made by him in the years after he got out. Like most who have served in combat he carries scars but has not let that stop him from becoming a successful businessman and a tremendous champion of disabled and disadvantaged veterans. His contributions and efforts have benefited many over the years and continue today. His integrity, courage, generosity, and work ethic have no equal and he is the epitome of a responsible American citizen. His service in uniform and his accomplishments afterward have without a doubt made this country a better place. I am proud and honored to call him friend.

This post was submitted by Noey Vineyard.

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3 Responses to “Corp. Jeff Kulp”

  • Clare Says:

    Thank you for your service, Jeff. I too am proud to know somebody who has worked hard to earn what he has, who is incredibly generous and gracious, and who served our country.

  • Dianne Kulp Says:

    I am the proud mother of this Marine and also proud of the friendship he has with Noey Vineyard. Noey did not mention his service to our country while he served in the Marines along side Jeff plus many more years before retiring.
    We have “adopted” Noey and are just as proud of him as our two Marine sons, David and Jeff.

  • Sandra Browne Says:

    I was married to Jeff during his service in the Marine Corps.
    I saw first hand his pain during the Beruit bombing and his dedication to the military and to his family and friends. I am very honored to have him in my life, then and now. Although we are no longer married, Jeff and I remain close friends and I will always cherish the memories we had and I call myself very lucky to know him and have him in my life. Thank you to Jeff, David and Noey for all you gave to our country. And for all you continue to do for the disadvantage veterans!!

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