May 28 2012

CMSgt Lovell McGinnis

Branch of Service: Air Force

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

Years of Service: 1945-1966

My brother Lovell is one of the few remaining Veterans of Underage Military Service.He entered the Air Force @ 15 yrs. of age. He was one of seven McGinnis brothers who entered the service.This story tells about the rest of his career…… Written by Rep. Marion Berry

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a man who has dedicated his time to working for Arkansas’ veterans. For this reason, the AMVETS has awarded this great veteran, Winston “Mac” McGinnis who lives in my District in Melbourne Arkansas, the prestigious AMVET of the Year Award.The AMVET of the Year Award was given to Mac for the many hours of volunteer work for all veterans and their families since his retirement from the U.S. Air Force in 1966. After an injury in Guam while serving in the Air Force, that resulted in a spinal cord injury, Mac was retired with 20 years of service. Since that time he has worked with other veterans and has volunteered in four different Veterans Hospitals. He has received a 100,000 mile award from the VA for the miles he has driven doing volunteer work and transporting veterans to and from VA hospitals.Mac is the Executive Director of the AMVETS Department of Arkansas, Commander of Post #1 in Melbourne VAVS Representative at the Little Rock Medical Centers and National Executive Committeeman for Arkansas AMVETS. The Silver Helmet Award has over the past 40 years acquired a well-deserved reputation as the most prestigious of all the awards given by veterans organizations. I congratulate Mac for his award and his years of service working with the veterans in Arkansas. Mac, thanks for a job well done. I wish you well.

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May 27 2012


Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Korean War (1950-1953)

Years of Service: 3


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May 27 2012

Joseph Bigl

Branch of Service: Navy

Conflict: World War II (1939-1945)

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Joe (he was “Dad” to me) was an enlisted man and served in World War II and The Korean War. He didn’t talk much about his “Soldier” life -only when I was older did he speak to me about being in Japan after the nuclear bombing and his horror at what he saw there. On the lighter side, he wouldn’t let Mom buy Spam – but he loved chipped beef on toast! Go figure!

He died on July 9, 2000 of ALS. I wish he was still here – we could talk of life and just sit quietly together.

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May 26 2012

George Owens

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

Years of Service: 1966-1974

My Beloved Husband George served in Vietnam, he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division and was a Green Beret. He got shot twice in Vietnam and received two Purple Hearts,Combat Infentry Badge and many other honerable service awards. He was a big supporter of Paralyzed Veterans of America, he loved his country and his veteran buddies. In the past few years we traveled alot from a cruise to Europe and the Caribean and driving accross country to CA to visit his kids & grandkids in TX and our son in CA. We went to “The Price is Right” and he got on stage, a big dream of his, it was a Blast. We traveled with friends toBranson, MO and Washington DC. His last day on earth we had cruised to Hawaii and docked in Honolulu to see Pearl Harbor, it was an inspirational day. He will be missed by Loving Family & Friends. He is home now and without pain, I look forward to seeing him again.
His Loving wife and life partner, Vinita, Angel Hugs Forever my LOVE.

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May 19 2012

M. Sgt. Scott P. McDonough

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Iraq War (2003-)

Years of Service: 1988-2012

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This is my husband of 32years. He has served his our country for almost 25 years, before deciding to retire this year. He has been deployed in may conflicts,to included, Panama,Gulf war,Somalia,Bosnia,Kosovo,Afghanistan,and the Irag war. And in peace time as well. He started his career in the 82nd Airborne and later went to two different Special Forces Groups, he was also a Master Jump Master and has enjoyed his time in the Military very much. He has done things and seen things that most of us will never do or see and all in the name of Freedom. I’m sure there are things he has done that he can’t or won’t talk about,but has never lost site of one thing and that is that our FREEDOM isn’t FREE. Many have paid the ultimate price. I am very proud of my husband and even though we have been apart for many birthdays,anniversaries, and holidays I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m just very happy that our flag was given to him at his retirement ceremony, and not given to me as a result of paying that ultimate price. Honey I Love You and look forward to spending the next 32 years with you in your next career choice.

Your Loving Wife

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May 8 2012

George Owens

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

George Owens served his country in Vietnam, he was injured in battle and he was awarded two Purple Hearts. The last place he visited on the day of his death was Pearl Harbor while vacationing in Hawaii.

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