Jul 22 2012

SA Barbara Ann (Bennett) Honeycutt

Branch of Service: Navy

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

Years of Service: 1974-1975

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The person I’m honoring here is my wife. She is a Vietnam Era Veteran in her own right. I want to honor her highly because she has been my caretaker for over 32 years now. I started out with Reactive Arthritis and have now been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My wife, though battling MANY health issues of her own has been with me through the literal thick and thin of disability including the attendant poverty, depression, hospitalizations, isolation and all. She is a God fearing Prayer warrior that has literally stood over me praying as my life was slipping away and the doctors were frantic.She is a woman of outstanding courage, strength and integrity that regularly sacrifices her own well being for the sake of helping others. The Navy, working at a SpecWar command, made me tough. This woman, my darling wife, has made me tougher, forced me to grow up, supported me when I’m down and provided the foot in the arse I so regularly need to get me out of a slump. She served her country honorably even though mistreated and abused by senior Petty Officers and her chain of command. She IS the type of person I want to be. That’s high territory. I am blessed beyond measure to be married to this veteran, not just of the Navy, but of life.

This post was submitted by Michael R. Honeycutt.