PO1 Lonzo S. Cummings

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

Years of Service: 1949-1969

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2 Responses to “PO1 Lonzo S. Cummings”

  • katrina.abner Says:

    He was my uncle he died before I was born he was only 21 when he died coming home.

  • katrina.abner Says:

    I was born in 1989 and ever since he got killed my grandmother his sister would talk to him that is how close they were to each other and know at nnight time when it comes to June I would see my unle and he would talk to me and tell me that I shouldn’t be afraid and just listen to what he has to say about our family up there where he is at sometimes I can hear him scream to where it scares me to where I want to stay up for hours and pray that one day he will be at peace and I just want to say (I love you uncle Lonzo).

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