George M. Spence

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: Vietnam War (1961-1973)

Years of Service: 1966-1967

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George (Jimmy) Spence was my father. He immigrated from England and was drafted into the Vietnam War before he was even a United States citizen. He survived the war and went on to become a great father. He recently passed away due to complications from ALS commonly found in veterans exposed to Agent Orange. My dad was a courageous and honorable man. I’ll miss my hero.

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7 Responses to “George M. Spence”


    Jimmy (George)Spence has been a friend of ours for over 30 years. He was truly one of the most talented men that we ever knew. He was a master welder and an unbelievable carpenter/furniture maker. But far beyond that he was a good family man who loved his wife, Milly and his kids, John and Janet. He was an extremely proud grandfather and would speak of his grandkids often. He was a true friend. If you were lucky enough to know Jimmy, you know that no one could match his sense of humor. We will miss our friend…..we love you, Jimmy.
    Rich and Judy Wood

  • Michael Kearns Says:

    Wonderful words from Rich and Judy Woods above.

    I would like to add that Jimmy was that special sort of Vietnam veteran often overlooked in the last decades of revisionist history.

    In the classic tradition of the Athenian soldiers that would put down their swords and raise a plow to the fields.

    He return from the battlefields and built a home and family. His legacy was made of good friends and honest work.

    His story continues in the lives of his son and daughter and their children. He’ll be missed but we only have to look around to see in many ways he is still with us.


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