Jul 15 2013

Pvt. Emden L. Weilacher

Branch of Service: Army

Conflict: World War II (1939-1945)

PFC Emden L Weilacher  Hallton PA Service 33434486     Killed in action.jpg (30 KB)

Honoring a distant cousin of mine….He was the son of a Great Uncle, who was the son of my Great Great Grandfather who emigrated from Germany.
Emden was killed in action on January 31st, 1944.
Since this time, there has been a tradition of Weilacher men that have served in the military, including myself and all the way down to one of my son’s.
Even though our ancestors came from Germany, they made America their home and have fought for it ever since.
I honor Emden Weilacher for giving the ultimate sacrifice in the protection of our country and our freedoms.

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